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Lockyer's Middle School

School Closure Procedures

It is our intention to inform you as early as possible each day if the school will be closed.  Messages will be posted on this website, the website detailed below and an email/text will be sent via ParentMail.

This website is updated daily and is the list that the local radio stations use to share updates with parents.  It is recommended that you take a little time to familiarise yourself with this website.

We will endeavour to work alongside our feeder schools and Corfe Hills School when making decisions regarding poor weather.  However, please be advised that each school may make different decisions regarding closure.


  • We will not send children home without their parents’ consent
  • Messages will be shared on the websites and by email/text via ParentMail
  • Please do not attempt to contact your child directly;  it is school policy for children not to have their mobile phones until they leave school
  • Parents should report to reception and children will then be collected from the school hall once you have signed them out.

If school remains open but you feel that you must collect your child, please report to reception.  However, we would ask that you give careful thought to making this decision while school remains open, to avoid disruptions.

Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of your children. Any decision to close school will be taken based on these factors. Please be assured that the decision to close school will not be taken lightly as we are very aware of the disruptions this can cause for you as parents. It is worth noting that our school site is unique in adverse winter conditions.