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Lockyer's Middle School



Our Vision for PSHE at Lockyer's Middle School

At Lockyer’s Middle School, our PSHE curriculum aims to provide children with a mature understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions. We encourage them to have high aspirations and a belief in themselves as well as helping them to understand how to keep their bodies and minds safe and healthy. We also support children to see alternative perspectives and educate them to develop skills of tolerance and respect towards others’ beliefs, religions and life choices. Relationships play a key part across all year groups where children learn what constitutes a positive relationship and also to identify when relationships (both online and in-person) are less positive, directing them to sources of support.

How PSHE links to other Subjects at our School

PSHE links to so many different subjects and is a core part of our status as a Gold Rights Respecting School. Children’s rights are embedded into both our curriculum and our school ethos. Opportunities are regularly provided for discussions about rights on a local and global scale, the importance of having a voice and also the right to an opinion.  We look at where rights are withheld and provide opportunities to challenge thinking. 

Our Eco Group is an example of where children have a clear voice and actively lead key areas within the school to make positive changes. PSHE is essential in supporting personal development and, being a Middle School, this covers a wide range of areas such as: careers, money, aspirations/self esteem and worth, identity, safety, love and belonging as well as physiological needs such as sleep, puberty and exercise. When our children engage in 'Philosophy for Children' lessons, this helps develop their speaking and listening skills through thoughtful debate.

How you can help with PSHE at home

To support your child’s learning, please look at the PSHE progression map and provide opportunities for discussions with your child around the objectives being delivered in school. Please use the links on the school website to support the learning of our RSE topic. Talking about and modelling positive relationships is a really good way of supporting the underlying message which weaves through our whole curriculum.