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Our Vision for English at Lockyer's Middle School

Communication and English are key life skills which are at the heart of all learning: the ability to read, write and communicate well is central to children’s intellectual, emotional and social development and therefore has an essential role across the curriculum to enable them to be successful learners. We want to create the challenge, the vocabulary, and the skills that enable the best life chances for all children, regardless of their starting points.  Our ambitious curriculum allows children to progress logically through a series of skills, around the central core of a diverse range of carefully-chosen texts, that also link to other areas of the curriculum, particularly history. Each sequence of learning builds carefully upon the skills and techniques that have been taught before, with a focus on their future learning needs.

In line with our whole school ethos, English at Lockyer’s Middle School will further develop a range of skills and characteristics -

  • LEADERSHIP - the ability to speak and listen well is essential for children to be able to articulate their opinions, ideas and feelings.  Able to express ourselves in a way that will be heard, understood and respected by others
  • enjoy and appreciate literature and its rich variety, as well as using both fiction and non-fiction to satisfy our CURIOSITY about the details - both big and small - of what it means to be human
  • EMPATHY - valuing others’ thoughts and views, treating them with respect and integrity
  • develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively through spoken and written language
  • as a COMMUNITY, we value the time we spend reading together, both in class and throughout the school week.  

We want each member of the Lockyer’s community to be curious, empathetic leaders who choose to read for both knowledge and pleasure, and to be able to communicate effectively in all areas of life.

How English Links to other Subjects at our School

The texts chosen for whole-class reading reflect a range of times, voices and cultures, so that children may understand how they fit into history, and the wider world.  Reading helps children to develop empathy and provokes curiosity about the world, thus it is central to our Rights Respecting School ethos.  Where appropriate, vocabulary from other subjects is woven into the English curriculum, allowing children to understand and engage with words in multiple contexts, considering their origins and various interpretations.

How you can help with English at home

There is so much that can be done at home, but the most important things parents and carers can do to support their child are: 

  • Provide constant access to a wide range of reading materials that you share and discuss together - this can be a newspaper article, a favourite book, or an interesting piece of non-fiction.  Show your child that you place a high value on words and reading.
  • Talk and listen to each other.  Discuss what you think about what is going on in the world, what you have read, what you think of characters in films and why.  This will support a child’s vocabulary, their understanding of the world, and their ability to think critically, looking beyond the surface of what can be initially understood.
  • Insist on the importance of correct spelling and punctuation at all times - it is very hard to create a habit of being consciously correct if it is only happening in the school environment.
  • View our additional links to support with spelling practice at home.